Party food service

Nestled in the woods about 30 kilometers from Vilnius, the family-run naturvila may be found in the town of Senasalis.First and foremost, you should take care of the location and the food whether you are arranging a personal celebration or a reunion of relatives or classmates. Vilnius is in an area with a wide variety of farmsteads, so picking one won’t be difficult. Catering services will need to be coordinated with the homestead, which will be a little more difficult. Guests will be feasting on delicious appetizers, filling and artfully presented main courses, and a wide range of sweets and beverages during the party, so it’s important to plan not just the menu but also the catering accordingly. If you want to relax and enjoy your vacation, it’s better to leave this kind of job to the experts. We, the proprietors of Naturvila, have been providing excellent customer service since 2004 when we opened the Vilnius restaurant Uupio klasika. We’re now able to provide a comprehensive menu of services to ensure that your event is one for the record books.Our homestead’s proximity to the city of Vilnius makes it a great place to host events for both locals and visitors. Thanks to its central location and easy access, the farmhouse can be reached in less an hour from the historic district of Vilnius or under two hours from the heart of Kaunas.

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